I won’t lie, I’m a sucker for pretty things in high definition. It’s why I bought the BBC documentary series Planet Earth on blu-ray a while back. Sometimes I love to just put it on, sit back, and look at it.

There is however, one thing better than pretty images in high-def, and that’s pretty images in high-def on a big screen. That’s why I ventured down to the theater on Sunday to see Disney’s Earth, even though I’d already seen most of it as part of the aforementioned miniseries.

The film is the first in a series of nature documentaries that Disney plans to release on Earth Day every year.

Walt Disney, in his classic True Life Adventure films, knew that the drama and beauty of the natural world was more fascinating than any story man could concoct, and this new feature is no different. Now, with amazing upgrades in film technology, everyone can soar above a river in the rainforest, fly over a cliff with it, and then turn around and witness the water falling hundreds, if not thousands of feet to the ground below, becoming little more than a cloud of mist by the time it hits the ground. Everyone can fly above a flock of millions of migrating birds, their wings pulsing to an unknown rhythm. Everyone can stare in wonder at the dumbfounding beauty of the aurora australis (southern polar lights) as it darts across the inky black sky. Everyone can watch as a humongous great white shark leaps 15 feet out of the water in super slow motion, devouring a seal in in midair with one clench of its jaws. Everyone can gaze upon these extraordinary natural sights on a screen the size of a house. I did, and I encourage everyone else to do so too.

Next year we get Oceans, which looks just as impressive, if not more so since it’s all original footage, and not repurposed material from another project.


Click image for trailer


~ by flexifish87 on April 27, 2009.

2 Responses to “Disneynature”

  1. Only wish we had gone together like we used too.

  2. u need 2 bring in some photos

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