Freddy Got Fingered: Great movie or greatest movie?


“Daddy would you like some sausage? Daddy would you like some sausages?”

Yes, that’s Tom Green playing a piano with sausages tied to strings attached to his fingers. No, it doesn’t make much sense even in the context of the movie. Yes, there is some semblance of a plot in the story of 28-year-old Gordie trying to become an animator like Charles Schultz. No, it doesn’t get much (any) deeper than that. Yes, I unabashedly love Freddy Got Fingered and watch it at least once a year. No, I don’t look down on myself because of this, even though I probably should.

This is one of those truly guilty pleasure movies. I’m fully aware that it’s a huge steaming pile of crap that shouldn’t be funny in any way shape or form. As the great Roger Ebert said in his review of the film way back in 2001…

This movie doesn’t scrape the bottom of the barrel. This movie isn’t the bottom of the barrel. This movie isn’t below the bottom of the barrel. This movie doesn’t deserve to be mentioned in the same sentence with barrels.

It doesn’t matter though. Every time I watch it (a few hours ago most recently) I laugh throughout the whole thing. It’s so ridiculously absurd, so gleefully over the top, so amazingly defiant to normal cinematic conventions, that I can’t help but love it.

“I know a banana who applied for a job as a telephone repairman. Guy came and said, ‘You want job here?’ He said, ‘Yeah, I wanna get a job as a telephone repairman.’ He said, ‘YOU GOT THE JOB! YOU GOT THE JOB, BUDDY!’ Then the beavers came…”

That’s just a taste of the wonders hidden within this masterpice of neo-surrealism. If Luis Buñuel and Salvador Dalí were still alive and making movies, and they decided to make a gross-out comedy, this is what they’d come out with. There’s a baby being swung by his umbilical cord, a little boy who gets hit in the face everytime he comes onscreen, a paraplegic, nymphomaniac, amateur rocket scientist who loves flipping creamer cups, a deer used as a suit, scuba diving in the shower, a suit worn backwords just for the hell of it, a cheese sandwich assembly line… The list goes on and on, and none of it makes a damn bit of sense. And I’m thankful for each and every moment of it.

“We’re gonna live like KINGS!!!” (some strong language)


~ by flexifish87 on April 15, 2009.

2 Responses to “Freddy Got Fingered: Great movie or greatest movie?”

  1. Probably not your speed, but I want to check out the new Russell Crowe movie.

  2. I loved this movie too!

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