Eastbound & Down

eastbound-and-down“Wait a minute?” you’re thinking. “This blog is called Movies and Such, why is he writing about a TV show?” Well, this is the such, not the movies. Plus, it’s my blog, my rules. Also, if I really wanted to, I could justify this post as a movie related one because of the talent involved with show.

Eastbound & Down is a new comedy on HBO from Jody Hill, Danny McBride, and Ben Best, the team behind last year’s criminally underseen The Foot Fist Way. Hill’s currently working on finishing up Observe and Report, the new Seth Rogen vehicle, while McBride just came off the best year of his career, with the release of Foot Fist, and supporting roles in Pineapple Express and Tropic Thunder. On deck he’s got the new Will Ferrell (who also turns up in Eastbound) comedy, Land of the Lost.

Will Ferrell in Eastbound & Down

Eastbound is a show for people who like their comedy dark. For those who thought Bad Santa was too cheery. It’s about a major league pitcher, Kenny Rogers (McBride), who leaves baseball after losing his speed and getting involved in a steroid scandal. With nothing left, he moves back to the little North Carolina town he grew up in, and takes a job as the local high school’s PE teacher.

While this sounds like a stereotypical underdog story (think Disney’s The Rookie), it’s anything but. Rogers is a despicable human being who drinks at school, snorts coke with the local bartender, swears at his brothers kids, has a horrible anger management problem, and is trying to win back his high school sweetheart (who just so happens to currently be engaged to the principal of the school he works at). Somehow though, you just can’t help but like the guy. Maybe it’s the mullet. Maybe it’s cause we truly do like to root for the underdog. But that doesn’t really matter. What does is that this is a hilarious half hour, and a huge boost to HBO who, for the first time in ten years, is struggling for a hit.


~ by flexifish87 on March 4, 2009.

3 Responses to “Eastbound & Down”

  1. That’s right, nobody is going to tell you what to blog about!!!!

  2. […] there was Eastbound and Down, an HBO sitcom (previously written about here) about a former MLB pitcher who thinks he’s the shit, but in reality is just an overweight […]

  3. Solid review. Definitely prefer this over his previous characters. HBO are golden!

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